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Upcoming Events

Our next event is The Turing Visualization Group Symposium hosted by CUSP London and the Turing Network Development Award - at King’s College London. This event is over 2 days:

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Tuesday 13th September 2022, 15:00-17:00 BST - Both on Campus at Bush House, or online. Keynote presentation: Visualization from Digital Humanities Perspective Introduced by Professor Stuart Dunn, Head of Digital Humanities, King’s College London

What Data Visualization Reveals: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody and the Work of Knowledge Production, Professor Lauren F. Klein, Emory University
Q&A and Refreshments

Wednesday 14th September 2022, 12:00-17:00 BST Lunch and networking followed by:

Keynote presentation: Visualization from a Science and Engineering Persepective Introduced by Professor Nicolas Holliman - Director of CUSP London

The Landscape of Visualization: Future Challenges, Professor Min Chen, University of Oxford
Q&A and Refreshments

Panel Session - “Priorities for Visualization Research in AI and Data Science”
Chaired by Professor Oliver Davis, Bristol University UK
Professor Klaus Mueller, NY Stonybrook, Dr Alma Cantu, Newcastle University, Dr Maria-Cruz Villa-Uriol, Sheffield University Professor Cagatay Turkay, Warwick University UK
Q&A and Refreshments

Date Event
6th October 2022 CUSP London Seminar Series begins
12th October 2022 CUSP London Wis Seminar Series
Professor Janet Pierrehumbert The strong and weak suits of state-of-the-art NLP 14:00 - 16:00 BST Eventbrite
26th October 2022 CUSP London PhD Conference 12:30 - 17:30 BST
20th- 23rd February 2023 CUSP London Data Dive Event - Details To be Confirmed

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