CUSP London Research Themes:


Multi-Agent Systems

  • Simulations: social simulation – how individuals interact
  • Simulation platform
  • Interventions as campaigns

Data Visualisation

  • How can data visualisation improve analysis of urban data?  Shapes of cities, patterns.
  • Visual perceptions

Spatial-temporal data analysis

  • How can urban data be modelled with spatio-temporal methods?
  • Precise predictions – policy change
  • High-risk areas
  • Point patterns
  • Street networks

Machine learning and Natural Language Processing

  • learning from large complex urban datasets
  • Patterns in text – themes and categories
  • Sentiment – How do people feel about their neighbourhoods, environment.


Crime analysis

  • Knife crime, predictive, policing, high risk areas
  • Partnerships: MOPAC, Westminster City Council, London Ambulance Service

Good City Life

  • Housing and communities and neighbourhoods, gentrification

Emergency Care

  • Simulation of A&E departments – speed up flow of care and healthcare processes.
  • London Ambulance Service – staffing, characterising demand (resource allocation), factors impacting response time
  • Traffic accidents

Active Travel

  • Run Friendly
  • Go ahead – rails and buses
  • Electric vehicles
  • Transport for London (TFL)

School Placementss

Mental Health

  • Urban well-being
  • Risk factors
  • Impact of green spaces and built environment

Urban Policy

  • Governance