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Master’s programmes

The study of cities necessarily spans many areas, sociological, cultural, technological, political, and so forth, and the areas of citizens’ lives that data analytics may help to improve are similarly broad, including health and wellbeing, transport, environment, crime, etc. CUSP London addresses this breadth by offering two complementary MSc programmes, each covering the fundamentals of urban informatics, but each with distinct emphases, making them suitable for applicants looking to develop different skills from their degree. The programmes are:

MSc Urban Informatics – hosted at King’s College London

CUSP London at King’s College London is providing an essential opportunity to address city issues using big data through the study of Urban Informatics.
- Paul Hodgson, Greater London Authority

MSc Urban Analytics and Visualisation – hosted at University of Warwick

Common Elements between the Programmes at King’s and Warwick

Some elements offered are common across the two programmes:

Distinct Emphases

Each programme has a distinct set of emphases in learning strategy and topics covered. This does not mean that one programme excludes the aspects emphasised by the other, just that there is a different focus, allowing applicants to make an informed choice between programmes.

KCL’s MSc Urban Informatics emphasises the following:

UoW’s MSc Urban Analytics and Visualisation emphasises the following:

Please see the main university websites for further information on these programmes: King’s and Warwick

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Examples of the Student Projects for MSc Urban Informatics 2020/21, 2019/20 and 2018/19

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