24th March 2020 – CUSP Centre, King’s College London

Room BH(S)5.01 – 4pm-5pm.

Title: Images, networks, and time series

Abstract: This talk is about using three ways of representing data (networks, images, time series) in innovative and interdisciplinary ways. I will show how these help when addressing data-driven problems ranging from predicting success of startups or Hollywood actors to tracking the evolution of hurricanes. I will also discuss how to leverage the interface between time series analysis, image processing and network science to create new ways of representing and visualising data which unlock novel understanding, and show how these have an impact in areas such as clinical diagnosis of mental disorders or automatic classification of artistic styles in painting.


Dr Lucas Lacasa is currently Reader in Applied Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London and an EPSRC Early Career Fellow. His research interests are in complexity science, and particularly at the interface between network science and time series analysis, where he has both developed new methods for data analysis and has applied these in a range of scenarios in physics, biology and social sciences. Other interests include nonlinear dynamics and critical phenomena.

Photo: Markus Spiske