27 Nov 2019 – CUSP Centre, King’s College London, BH(S)6.02 – 11-12pm
Visualising Mind Data through Materials, Sculpture and Immersive Installation

Maria Teresa Ortoleva, King’s artist in residence, will present ways in which contemporary artists expand on data visualisation strategies to attempt representing elusive states of the human mind, the intimacy of imagination and the complexity of personal experience. She will present how in her work process she gives materiality to intangible data relative to the mind and turn them into sculptures and immersive environments that communicate through sensory stimuli, symbols and empathy.


Maria Teresa Ortoleva is an artist working across interdisciplinary research, drawing, sculpture and installation. Based in London, she works in the UK and in Italy, where she is represented by the gallery Luca Tommasi. She currently is an artist in residence in the department of informatics at King’s College, collaborating with Dr Rita Borgo on the project Mindscapes. For full cv and portfolio see