On Friday 8th November CUSP London hosted a wonderful PhD conference with presentations from both King’s College London and University of Warwick.  The topics presented were varied:

  • The geography of medical prescriptions across England
  • Location data privacy/Urban Facility Location
  • Mapping knowledge with data science
  • Visualising the effect and frequency of social media platform use on mental health
  • Differential policy
  • Geo-spatial Estimation of non-exhaust emissions.
  • Improving Efficiency and equity of ambulance services through advanced demand modelling
  • Effects of transport disasters on human mobility
  • Natural language processing – using world knowledge to improve cross-modal retrieval
  • Architecture and user spatial preference within learning spaces

The presenters were at different stages of their research, from finished thesis to first year preparations.  The event was inspiring and fun.

It continued off site as everyone enjoyed a social event at Bounce, Farringdon, with refreshments and ping pong.

“It was really enjoyable to present at CUSP London’s PhD mini conference again. It was very beneficial for me to update the CUSP community on my progress, as well as hearing about the other exciting research underway.”  – Teddy,  University of Warwick.

“As I am in the first semester of the Urban Informatics MSc at CUSP, it was really insightful to see and hear about the topics people were exploring for their PhD’s. The ping pong social after the conference was super fun and helped to create a great atmosphere where everyone could talk and share their ideas more informally.”  –  Ade – MSc Urban Informatics Student, King’s College London